About Zensation

Zensation is a wellbeing design house based in Toronto, Ontario that offers much more than just the basic understanding of Feng Shui.

With the increasing international demand for high end Feng Shui consulting Proshat Sarabloo established her practice here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during the summer of 2010

Prior to this Zensation had four fantastic years of operations in Dubai; UAE as one of the most established Feng Shui companies in the middle east.

As experts on the subject, our comprehensive and in-depth knowledge allows us to apply deeper the principles of Feng Shui across any environment. From interior design to landscaping, we tailor-make each design to cater to our clients’ requirements. At Zensation we provide an end to end Feng Shui solution. From design consultancy to architectural floor plan, to interior design, landscaping and town planning, unique profiles are developed to ensure that balance and harmony are achieved through energy alignment.

The consulting services of Zensation are inclusive of all elements. While the interior is of utmost important, the exterior is also taken into consideration. At Zensation, we align both interior and exterior of the environment to design and create a Feng Shui friendly solution for your home or office. To balance the chi energies, we consider each aspect to create a healthy and stress free environment for individuals and communities.

Zensation conducts Feng Shui seminars and workshops that incorporate this powerful ancient science. Zensation designs custom Feng Shui workshops catering to variety of topics like Feng Shui for home, Feng Shui for business, Feng Shui for property and real state, Feng Shui for interior design, Feng Shui landscaping and much more.

We as Zensation are looking forward to help you find your path to harmony and success.

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