Feng Shui For 2013

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Water Snake

I would like to personally welcome you all to the year of the WATER SNAKE and make sure that your place is as ready for the year 2013 as you are.

In the Chinese solar calendar FEBURARY 4TH is the time of the year when the annual stars are changing and CHI (energy) of the year changes.

This is the right point in time to reflect and prepare for the year ahead and update the Feng Shui of your home or office and energize it with, prosperity, positive energy, harmony, and reduce any negativity.

In my yearly Feng Shui outlook you can find a summary of what you can expect and prepare for.

Outlook for the year:

Based on the Hsia Calendar, on February 4th 2013 we enter the year of the Yin water on Fire snake. The interaction between the five elements in the nature, which are water, wood, fire, earth and metal, is one of the basic principals in Feng Shui knowledge. Depending on whether these elements supporting each other or not (supportive or destructive cycle), one can read the relationship between the elements and the type of energy we are going to encounter.

In our case, in 2013, the year of the water snake, we are experiencing a destructive cycle, which means water is destroying fire, therefore they have a skirmish relationship. The year of the WATER SNAKE might seem peaceful on the surface thus is a year full of changes and disagreement.

Grandmaster Raymond Lo mentioned in his 2013 report some examples of previous snake year “Pearl Harbor attack in 1941, breaking down of Berlin war, breaking up of USSR, as well as 4th June Tianammen square incident in 1989, then 911 terrorist attack in 2001….” He also mentioned that “the conflict in 2013 could be less fierce than the previous snake year of 1941, 1989 and 2001”

Feng Shui flying star update:

Every 20 years the energy cycle of the earth is changing, starting from period 1 to 9.   Since 2004 until 2024 we are living in the period 8, therefore any building that has been built after 2004 is considered as a new age house or period 8 building.

Anyone who is familiar with the flying star charts is aware of how to activate the section of the house that belongs to the number 8 to improve wealth and enhance relationship in one’s life. On the other hand the energy of the year is changing every year on the 4th of the February and you should update the Feng Shui of your house or your office before this time. Every year there are few stars that convey negative energy and you should be mindful about these energies.

In 2013, the flying star 5, which is known as five yellow, is located in the center of the space. To reduce the negative influence of this number you should hang a metal wind chime in the center.

Flying star 2 is another bad star and is known as sickness number, situated in the SW section of your space. To diminish the negative influence of this number traditionally you should place a string of 6 coins in the location of the star 2.

Make sure that you are not using any fire colour or fire element in the center or SW section in 2013.

The east section is carrying the flying star 3, which is a quarrelsome star. Use red object as a therapy for this area.

Robbery star 7 is another inauspicious star. You can place 3-bamboo sticks in a glass jar as a remedy.

Grand Duke is sleeping in the SE section of your space and you should not do major construction in this area in 2013.

Last but not least it is not recommended to sit with back against the 3 shar, which is the East direction.

The auspicious star number 8 is located in the NE section and it is recommended to place an active object in this section depend on where this number is located in your space.

Personal Note:

The four pillar of destiny, which is an accurate system of reading some one’s chart is based on Hsia calendar and refers to the year, date, month, hour and place of birth of the person. Furthermore the information of the birth will convert to the basic of 5 elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal and the interaction between these elements will give a Feng Shui consultant sufficient information to read the chart of a person or an event.

Generally in 2013 the animals that are compatible with the energy of the year are Monkey, Rooster and Ox. However for more accurate information one should check the complete four pillar of destiny.

Pig is in direct conflict with snake and it is recommend carrying a pendant of Monkey to attract away the negative influence of the Pig.

I wish you a prosperous year ahead.

Stay tuned


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