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Feng Shui Workshop/Seminar- Dubai- January 2014!


What Does Your Bedroom Say About You?

We all have heard about the colour therapy and the influence of colors on our environment. Colour can make a person powerful, motivated, courageous, depressed, miserable or gloomy. Our emotions and how we react to various situations are related, to a degree, to the power of colour in our surrounding. Thus, the energy of colour [...]

Money does not grow on trees!

Money does not grow on trees, But a well designed garden with good Feng Shui will help you to attract health, wealth and abundance in your life. The outdoor space or garden is just an extension to the Feng Shui of your house. Therefore, you must treat the outdoor space with the same respect that [...]

Feng Shui Symbols

Who hasn’t heard about the frog under the couch or the lucky cat above the cashier counter? Most people think that placing those items will bring money to their life. Let me give you some background. Feng Shui is all about direction and location and how you can activate positive chi and use a remedy [...]

Feng Shui With Proshat

For Architecture

For Architecture Zensation is one of the few companies that combines Feng Shui with a strong foundation in architecture.  Our professional Feng Shui architectural service at Zensation compliments our Feng Shui practice by providing clients with a holistic approach to environmental design. The consultation starts during the pre-construction planning stage of the building. This is a [...]

For Landscaping

For Landscaping The area around your home – no matter how large or small — has a big influence on the energy that flows into your life. The positive influence of what surrounds you in the garden is crucial and can determine the good or bad “chi” flowing into your home. Proshat Sarabloo analyses the [...]

For Real Estate

For Real Estate Whether you work as a realtor or are simply looking to buy a property, the services offered by Zensation use the knowledge of Feng Shui to reduce the time between matching a suitable buyer and seller. Zensation has assisted buyers both in Dubai and Toronto, helping them determine the best properties to [...]

For Home

For Home Personal Feng Shui is a very valuable tool that helps bring new opportunities and refocus energies. While changing our present living situation is not always comfortable, it can be powerfully transforming if applied after presenting these opportunities to clients. Feng Shui can bring significant improvements when correctly applied and guide your individual path [...]

For Business

For Business Feng Shui can certainly help your business to be more prosperous, regardless of the size of your business.  Proper positioning of the work area can be aligned to create a harmonious work environment that both invigorates and supports the staff in the office, bringing clarity and increased productivity. Business Feng Shui plays a [...]

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